Ouch! Urethral Sounding Silicone Dilator Set 6/8/10mm

By Nalpac

Are you feeling risky and ready to try a whole new sensation? Urethral sounding will take you to an exciting and delicious new experience. Made of body-safe and soft silicone, this urethral plug will shape to fit the body it is used in. Three different sizes will work great alone, but can also be (carefully) combined together to enhance your urethras play. Sounding is exciting, because it's fairly unknown, different, risky and non-traditional. The urethra passes by particularly sensitive areas in the penis head and the G-spot. Sounding stimulates these nerves directly, offering a great sexual impulse for those who dare. Remember: inspect / wash / sanitize / sterilize. Play safe!

  • Dimensions package 4.13in. x 0.43in. x 13.46in.
  • Weight package 2.36 oz
  • Product dimensions 0in. x 9.45in.
  • Product weight 1.16 oz
  • Product diameter 0.39in.
  • Insertable length 9.45in.
  • Length in cm: 0.6, 0.8, 1 cm, Width in cm: 0.6, 0.8, 1 cm